24-HR CRISIS LINE 844-345-4569 (Clay, Osceola and Palo Alto Counties)

24-HR CRISIS LINE 855-581-8111 (Kossuth, Winnebago and Worth Counties)

Call or text 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Worth County – Adult Crisis Guide

    • Mobile Crisis Response
    • Crisis Stabilization Community
    Eyerly Ball Unity Point Health
    Dispatched through Foundation 2 Crisis Services
    • 23 Hour Observation
    • Subacute Wraparound Services
    • Crisis Stabilization Residential
    North Iowa Regional Services
    1440 West Dunkerton Rd.
    Waterloo, IA
    1 hr 39 min95 miles
    • 23 Hour Observation
    • Crisis Stabilization Residential
    Zion Integrated Health Services
    706 Cedar Ave
    Woodward, IA
    1 hr 56 min126 miles
    • Crisis Stabilization Residential
    Turning Point Crisis Home
    712-662-8055 or 712-661-8000
    900 Early Street
    Sac City, IA
    2 hr 5 min142 miles
    • 23 Hour Observation
    • Crisis Stabilization Residential
    • Subacute Wraparound Services
    Siouxland Mental Health Crisis Center
    4038 Division St
    Sioux City, IA
    3hr 25 min227

Services Information

Mobile Crisis Response
Free service that provide a team of professionals that can provide on-site, face-to-face mental health services for an individual or family experiencing a mental health crisis. The Mobile Crisis Team will be deployed when necessary to provide a face-to-face crisis screening/intervention. Though anyone may call the 24/7 crisis line, mobile crisis services are only available to law enforcement, hospitals, and medical clinics. Additionally, schools can access these services for students.
Crisis Stabilization Community
(CSCBS) short-term services designed to de-escalate an individual experiencing a mental health crisis and stabilize them where the individual lives, works, attends school or socializes. CSCBS is a voluntary service for individuals in need of a safe, secure location that is less intensive and restrictive than an inpatient hospital. The goal of CSCBS is to stabilize the individual within the crisis stabilization community-based services include but are not limited to: psychiatric community. Services provided through crisis stabilization community -based services include but are not limited to: psychiatric services and assessment, Medication management, counseling, referral to additional programs, Peer support, Connection to ongoing services and resources. Crisis Stabilization Community-Based Services are offered to individuals who have utilized the Mobile Crisis Response Team.
Crisis Stabilization Residential
Individuals experiencing an acute crisis that may put them or others at risk may be best served by an alternative to hospitalization. Crisis stabilization provides short-term care for individuals with mental health symptoms who need 24-Hour supervision for safety during a crisis, without the added trauma of hospitalization. Crisis stabilization includes a crisis evaluation that consists of a systematic approach to collecting information related to an individual’s history, needs, strengths and abilities in order to determine appropriate services during an acute crisis episode.
23 Hour Observation
The first several hours following a crisis episode are the most crucial to assuring a positive outcome. 23-Hour Crisis Observation services provide support to individuals in a setting that is secure and protected, medically staffed, and a psychiatrically supervised treatment environment to stabilize the situation and better assess any additional levels of care.
SubAcute Wraparound Services
Set of wraparound services for persons who have or are at imminent risk of having acute or crisis mental health symptoms that do not permit the person to remain the community but who have been determined by mental health professionals and licensed health professionals that inpatient care is not needed